🎄#vatarotadvent   Day 2 / Card 12 🎄 I Shuffled, cut & turned the 12th card from the Druid Animal Oracle deck today. The result was the Earth Dragon reversed. 🔮 There is a phrase to not wake the sleeping dragon. This card in reverse is just the opposite. It would be time to stop hitting the snooze button, and wake the power and potential held and treasured within. But most importantly for this card is approach. The right approach can get things started on the right foot and moving in a positive direction quickly. And a bad one can make for a rough start which can lead to frustration. Keep the result in mind for what is on the list to be achieved in the end and the best approach will present itself naturally. ✨🎄#vatarotadvent #tarotchallenge #oraclecards #divinationcommunity #divination #oraclereading #tarotreadersofinstagram #druidanimaloracle #inspiration #cartomancy #rainbow #dragon

Rainbow by violetauraphoto

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